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As 2021 Closes…

As the year ends and the holiday craze begins to creep in, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the year. This year I’ve focused on raising my new baby and bringing up my Podcast to a new level. I even… Continue Reading “As 2021 Closes…”

My Second Homebirth

I wanted to finally get back to my blog to tell you about my second homebirth. My first birth was in 2015, at our remote home in the mountains. Since then I’ve become a doula, lactation professional, herbalist, and midwife. I’ve also aged nearly… Continue Reading “My Second Homebirth”

The Breast Friends Podcast!

Big News! Heather ONeal and I started a lactation podcast! It’s available everywhere you can find podcasts (I think!), and if you cant find it where you listen to podcasts, let me know!! If you didn’t know, we’re both midwives and lactation professionals, and… Continue Reading “The Breast Friends Podcast!”

Art Updates!

Hey Folks! As usual whatever promise I made about regular blog posts fell through, I really do need to work on that… But in other news I got my Etsy shop back off the ground, renovated into my art selling space. So, head on… Continue Reading “Art Updates!”

Mothering with Motherwort

Today I’m taking some time to be thankful for Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca. This lovely lady grows in my garden and comes with me in a tiny amber bottle just about everywhere I go. You ready to hear why I love this plant so much? A note… Continue Reading “Mothering with Motherwort”