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New Podcast! Beyond the Boob

I am very excited to announce the launch of Beyond the Boob! In this new podcast your friends from the Milk Minute (Heather and I) move beyond breastfeeding to focus in on a new pregnancy! What happens when a midwife and lactation consultant finds… Continue Reading “New Podcast! Beyond the Boob”

Looking 9 Months Ahead…

Working primarily at births means always looking 9 months ahead! It’s always best to contact me soon if you think you may want to hire me as your doula or midwife, because I get booked up fast. I wanted to update y’all on what… Continue Reading “Looking 9 Months Ahead…”

Updates in 2023

Admittedly I don’t keep a real blog here, but I will take some time to summarize updates today. I’m back to full time work and now offering a variety of virtual services along with in person consultation. Initial doula and midwifery consults, herbal consultation,… Continue Reading “Updates in 2023”

As 2021 Closes…

As the year ends and the holiday craze begins to creep in, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the year. This year I’ve focused on raising my new baby and bringing up my Podcast to a new level. I even… Continue Reading “As 2021 Closes…”

My Second Homebirth

I wanted to finally get back to my blog to tell you about my second homebirth. My first birth was in 2015, at our remote home in the mountains. Since then I’ve become a doula, lactation professional, herbalist, and midwife. I’ve also aged nearly… Continue Reading “My Second Homebirth”