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Be Calm with Lemonbalm

Welcome back to my blog, and thanks for reading! In an effort to create more content, I’ve decided to highlight some herbs that are super useful during the childbearing year. A note of disclaimer: information here is for educational purposes only and not for… Continue Reading “Be Calm with Lemonbalm”

Ruby Memorial and Other Updates!

It’s been a busy winter! Today, I’ve finally had to chance to sit down and do some updating and reflecting on my work from the past few months. I had the privilege to spend a few days working at Ruby Memorial Hospital this March… Continue Reading “Ruby Memorial and Other Updates!”

Giraffe Watch 2019

I don’t usually jump on the viral bandwagon, but here I am about to write an absurd blog post about April the Giraffe and what we can learn from the livestream of her birth. [Disclaimer: this is going to mostly be a comical post… Continue Reading “Giraffe Watch 2019”

Taking Off the Rose-Colored Glasses, Breastfeeding in Appalachia

On Friday I attended the second annual Appalachian Breastfeeding Network Conference. The theme was “Taking off the Rose-Colored Glasses”, and the presentations focused on the barriers to breastfeeding in our region. The conference was held at the surprisingly lovely Burr Oak Lodge, in Glouster… Continue Reading “Taking Off the Rose-Colored Glasses, Breastfeeding in Appalachia”


I’ve had a lot of folks ask me, ‘What does it mean when you’re on-call?’ Usually clients are curious what they’re paying for, or prospective Doulas are curious what it entails. Since I’m finally off call for the summer, I thought it would be… Continue Reading “On-Call”