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Would you like to learn more about how we can work together? Let’s explore your options for a homebirth in West Virginia. You can book a virtual consult right now using my Calendly link. These consults are typically 1 hour and cost $50.

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A midwifery consult is a great time to ask any questions about homebirth, midwifery care, and more! I’m happy to take as much time as you need to feel comfortable and confident moving forward.

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I am a traditional midwife offering family centered care for birthing families in the highland counties of WV. I provide comprehensive homebirth care for parents with low-risk pregnancies, as well as supplementary care for those birthing in hospital.

If you are interested in homebirth or other services, you can book a consultation. A consult is a great opportunity where I will answer your questions and review your medical history to screen for risk factors. Should you decide to hire me for your homebirth, I will then provide ongoing assessments throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I will also provide guidance and education throughout your pregnancy to prepare you for homebirth and ensure your, and your baby’s, health and safety.

If you would like to contact me regarding homebirth, you can send me a message through the Contact Form on this website or email me at highlandbirth@gmail.com.

I typically travel within 1.5 hours of Elkins, WV. If I am not local to you, you can look for a midwife at the Midwives Alliance of WV!

What do Homebirth Midwifery Services include?

  • Monthly prenatal visits until 32 weeks, two visits between 32 and 36 weeks, weekly visits from 37 weeks until birth
  • Education and mentorship through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Postpartum planning to ensure you are supported after baby arrives
  • Nutritional and herbal guidance
  • Regular communication between appointments with quick response time during business hours
  • On-call from 37 weeks until birth and 24 hours thereafter
  • Newborn and postpartum care up to 8 weeks postpartum, including several home visits in the first two weeks. 

How much does a Homebirth cost?

  • Your homebirth will typically cost between $4000-$4500 USD depending on your distance from me and any add on services you would like. This is a package fee, so all visits, standard medications, procedures, etc are included in the cost. Labs and ultrasounds may be an additional fee if you do not have insurance to cover them. There will be no surprise fees, all costs will be discussed upfront! 
  • I am happy to work out payment plans on an individual basis. I do not want cost to keep anyone from compassionate health care if possible! Please reach out even if you aren’t sure you can afford the cost. 
  • Your homebirth fee covers nearly an entire year of maternal health care. This not only includes clinical visits, but also very responsive communication with your midwife to answer questions and address concerns between appointments. It allows me to create a personalized care plan for you, visit you in your home in the postpartum, and provide the best care possible! It also covers payment for my assistant to attend births with me to ensure your and baby’s safety.

Placenta Services:

  • You may add on placenta services to your midwifery package. This includes Placenta Encapsulation and Prints. More information, including cost, can be found here!

Pool Rental:

  • You can rent a birth pool from me, which will come with a hose, standard attachments, air pump, and water pump. The pool will arrive to you sanitized and in good repair, and you will be responsible for the maintenance of the pool during your birth and the cleaning of it postpartum. If the pool incurs serious damage during use or is returned uncleaned, you will be responsible for extra charges.
  • Clients who are birthing in hospital but would like to rent the birth pool for laboring at home may do so if there are no homebirth clients renting at that time. Stand alone cost is $250, which includes access to my “pool box” with hoses, pumps, patch kit, etc! 

Can I have a homebirth?

  • While we can’t say for sure that you are a good candidate for homebirth until we have a consultation, there are a few health issues that would risk you out of home care for this pregnancy. These include diabetes, uncontrolled thyroid disease, chronic hypertension, active tuberculosis, chronic lung disease, cancer, severe asthma, epilepsy, clotting abnormalities, Rh- with antibodies, severe anemia (including hereditary anemias), acute and severe viral infections (such as hep B or C, rubella, etc), congenital heart disease, or renal disease. It is a good idea to mention any condition for which you require medication or consistent physician follow-up during your consultation. 
  • Some other factors that may risk you out of home care with a midwife include tobacco use, malnutrition, active substance use disorder, alcohol use during the pregnancy, heavy caffeine use (more than 10 cups of coffee per day).
  • For those unable to birth at home, we provide other options…

Prenatal Care ONLY:

  • Do you want compassionate, family-centered care but do not desire to birth at home? This package is for you! 
  • This service includes all of the care given to homebirth clients. It can be supplemental to hospital care or may replace it for low-risk pregnancies. You will have free, open access to your prenatal records to bring with you to the hospital you plan to birth in. 
  • These prenatal visits are typically one hour and give you ample time to ask questions, have discussions around your birthing choices, further your breastfeeding or childbirth education, and so much more! 
  • The cost of this package starts at $2,500, with additional fees for optional home visitation. 

Postpartum Care ONLY:

  • Comprehensive postpartum care should not be reserved for those who birth at home! I am happy to provide care for any family in the postpartum regardless of where you had your baby. Home midwifery care may replace hospital-based care for those who had a normal birth and have a well newborn and may supplement it in cases of complications. You will have free, open access to your records at all times to share with your OB/GYN and pediatric care provider. 
  • This package includes professional lactation care with personalized feeding plans. We will not only ensure that baby is getting adequate milk, but that you are comfortable and confident breastfeeding! We may also consult regarding supplementation, return to work, pumping, storing milk, bottle-feeding, and more. 
  • This package includes 5 postpartum visits within 8 weeks after your baby is born, with at least 3 of those occurring within your home. 
  • The cost of this package begins at $1,000, with additional fees for more home visitation. 

Stand-Alone Appointments: 

  • Would you like to consult about your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or conception? This is a great way to start!
  • One hour, in-person appointments are $125. Home visits start at $150 and may increase depending on distance.
  • This pricing is for new clients only, established clients should discuss supplemental or stand-alone appointments privately with their midwife.
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