“Maureen provided support as our doula. She helped bridge my desire for a home birth with my husband’s comfort levels with a hospital birth. When my pregnancy became high risk, Maureen provided support via phone calls and visits. So much was unknown, but her support was always there. After weeks of hospitalization due to preterm labor and a shortened cervix, we made it past the high risk stages and were re-classified as low risk. Back home, she educated us about the birth process as well as movements I could use and ways my husband could provide physical support.

When my water broke and we travels to the hospital in Morgantown, Maureen was ready to support us through our daughter’s birth. I knew I had her as a guide and advocate. She coordinated with the midwife at Ruby and helped coach me through an amazing birth! Maureen was present: She recommended positions and props such as the peanut ball. Between contractions I opened my eyes to her beaming smile and I felt reassured. When my husband needed a few minutes to eat, she was there to support me physically through contractions. Even though the pain of contractions, the process was comfortable because I felt safe and supported with the whole team and felt she was a vital member of that team.

From the start of my pregnancy through a complicated pregnancy, an amazing birth, and postpartum, I was grateful to have Maureen as a constant – despite changing hospitals and providers around 22 weeks, due to pregnancy complications she was able to continue to provide support. When the time for our birth came at nearly 38 weeks, she was there. And once our precious Clara arrived, she supported us at the hospital as well as once we came home – with resources on breastfeeding and cloth diapers as well as checking on how I and we as a family were doing.

I am grateful we were able to have her as our doula, Maureen played a key role in making my hospital birth an empowering and awesome experience.”

Leah Devine, 2019

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