Placenta Services

The Placenta is a special organ. Formed during pregnancy, the placenta nourishes the fetus in the uterus and produces hormones which support the pregnancy. It attaches to both the mother and fetus, forming a connection which is broken after birth.


Many parents leave their placentas with their care provider who disposes of it after the birth. However, this organ does not cease to be useful after it no longer nourishes the baby. The placenta contains iron and other minerals, as well as hormones like progesterone, estradiol (a form of estrogen), aldosterone, and testosterone among others. It can be prepared for consumption and may help prevent postpartum depression, increase breastmilk supply, and reduce pain and postpartum bleeding. The scientific evidence isn’t strong here, but conclusions based on recent studies can be found here.

Placenta consumption has a long history of medicinal use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The uses in this tradition expand far beyond those for women in their postpartum period. Some TCM providers use placenta to affect the lungs, liver, and kidneys. More information regarding this can be found here.

Placenta consumption can also be done by adding the fresh or dried placenta to foods.  Some parents may also choose to compost or plant a tree with their placenta.

Placenta Services:

A $50 deposit is needed to reserve a spot on the calendar. Since the placenta is perishable it must be preserved very soon after birth. 


Placenta Encapsulation: I will preserve your placenta for future use with a steam method. The placenta is steamed, dehydrated, ground, and inserted into capsules. You receive a jar of encapsulated placenta with instructions for use and suggested dosage. This method takes approximately 2 days and can be done in your home or elsewhere.

Price: $300

image1_clipped_rev_1Placenta Prints: Some families wish to have a placenta keepsake, to remind them of the beauty of an organ that sustained their baby. I can create these prints using a number of mediums and a few different types of surface.

You can choose a non-toxic paint print, a food-dye print, or a print made from placental blood. I can print the image on watercolor paper or a framed canvas. If this is the only placenta service you are requesting, you will need to rinse, package, and freeze the placenta until I can come pick it up. If it is an add-on service to encapsulation you need not do any extra preparation.

Stand Alone Price on watercolor paper: $40 (Add-on Price: $20)

Framed Canvas: $120

*Additional mileage costs will be added if this is chosen as a stand alone service with a travel distance of more than 30 road miles.

Tree of Life Planting: Planting a tree and using the placenta as a source of nutrients is a wonderful way to commemorate this beautiful life event. I will assist you in choosing a location, digging a hole, and finding soil and mulch for planting a tree on your property. I can also acquire the tree or shrub for you, but the time needed for this can vary seasonally so please inquire for availability. If you require I will also assist you in picking out species and varieties that will thrive in your local ecosystem.

Price: $350






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