As 2021 Closes…

As the year ends and the holiday craze begins to creep in, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the year.

This year I’ve focused on raising my new baby and bringing up my Podcast to a new level. I even got us on TikTok!

Homebirth midwifery takes up a lot of my time, effort, and emotional work so I’ve stepped back from that in order to be more present with my kids for a bit. No, I’m not leaving it! However for the longevity of this business and my ability to help my community, taking a lighter work load has been absolutely key.

Your health matters, and so does mine! I really look forward to a time when I can take a full client load again, because I love being able to help families make their best birthing choices and to support them in maintaining a safe pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

For now if you need me, but weren’t able to book me for your birth, you can find me through my podcast or through private consultation. Even if I can’t attend your birth, I am so happy to sit with you and help you navigate the choices ahead.

So please feel free to reach out with questions, birth inquiries, whatever. I look forward to continuing to build connections here, supporting you in community medicine and accessible care.

Here’s to surviving the holidays, and to the coming year!

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