New Podcast! Beyond the Boob

I am very excited to announce the launch of Beyond the Boob! In this new podcast your friends from the Milk Minute (Heather and I) move beyond breastfeeding to focus in on a new pregnancy! What happens when a midwife and lactation consultant finds out she’s expecting her third baby? 

Listen in as Heather chronicles her pregnancy and plans her first homebirth with ME as her midwife! Join your favorite podcasters for a week-by-week journey full of unfiltered pregnancy experiences and badass midwifery wisdom.
Beyond the Boob is filled with practical prenatal education that you won’t get anywhere else! Except as my client of course…

This show is a great way for folks to get a sneak peek into maternity care with a homebirth midwife, even if you aren’t planning a homebirth yourself!
For full access subscribe on Apple Podcasts or join the Milk Minute Podcast Patreon.

Some episodes will be free to the public.

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