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Interested in consultation?

You can book a virtual meeting today! Click here to schedule your phone call or zoom appointment. Please be detailed in your description of why you are asking to meet and what help you need. Please note that there are many health conditions that herbal remedies cannot manage and many that are outside my experience of care.

What is a consultation like?

At Highland Birth Support, I offer Herbal Consultations independently from other services. While this business primarily serves families who are planning to or already having a new baby, the Herbal Consultations are open to any clients. I am a certified Family Herbalist through Herbal Medics Academy.


As an herbalist I see myself as both student and teacher.  I have been studying this field for nearly a decade and still find that I have so much to learn. I have trained with and am currently studying with Herbal Medics Academy and The Human Path. I am also constantly striving to expand my knowledge of traditional uses of local herbs.

Each consultation is a mutual learning process, where we agree to speak honestly and openly in order to find the right path for your healing. As an herbalist I cannot cure or diagnose you, but I can help you heal yourself. No one can heal your body except for you, but we can certainly find lifestyle changes, plant allies, and dietary supplements that can assist your body on that journey.

Herbal consultation is included for midwifery clients. If you are interested in those services you can learn more here.


Consultations start at $100 for an appointment at my house/office, and $150 if you would like a home visit. These meetings typically take 1-2 hours and include some complimentary herbal preparations.  Other herbal preparations will be at additional cost, however I am happy to work with you on how to prepare your own remedies to make your healing process sustainable for you.  You may choose to make follow up appointments or simply continue communication via phone or email.

A home visit during the growing season may also include an introduction to herbal allies already growing on your property, and instruction on how to harvest and prepare them.

Photo by Marlyn McClendon
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