The Breast Friends Podcast!

Big News! Heather ONeal and I started a lactation podcast! It’s available everywhere you can find podcasts (I think!), and if you cant find it where you listen to podcasts, let me know!!

If you didn’t know, we’re both midwives and lactation professionals, and we spend our free time advising folks about breastfeeding on a facebook group: Breastfeeding for Busy Moms.

We decided that we wanted to make something thats really accessible for everyone. Breast/Chestfeeding is a human right, and lactation education should be available everywhere. The reality is that it’s not. Where we live in WV, and where many people live, there aren’t a great number of lactation providers available. There aren’t breastfeeding cafes or support groups in my town, there aren’t a bunch of parenting groups and prenatal yoga get togethers, there are just less resources for parents here.

So here’s what we decided to do about it. A free podcast with as much breastfeeding resources, information, and advice as we can get in there! We sit down together and have some down to earth conversations about all things lactation, breasts, milk, babies, mental health, and everything else.

Take a listen and send us a message with questions, comments, or suggestions for episode topics!

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