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What is a Doula?

The word isn’t too common in these hills, but I assure you West Virginia’s rich history includes them.  Put simply, a doula is a person who assists during childbirth.  When I reflect on our history of mountain midwives, close families, and herb women, I see doulas everywhere.

I am trained and certified with the Earthwise Doula program. Feel free to send me a message with questions if you are interested in training with them! I also currently teach with the program with a focus on breastfeeding education for doulas and other birthworkers.

Find the Earthwise Doula Program here!

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Doula Services

Birth Doula Services are my most popular package! This includes:

  • Mentorship and education during prenatal, birth, and postpartum
  • Two prenatal visits
  • Availability by phone during business hours with prompt reply
  • On-call from 37 weeks until birth
  • Attendance at your labor and birth
  • Two postpartum visits in your home

This package generally costs $1,000 + $25 per/hr for additional scheduled visits, but prices are subject to change.

(prices vary due to distance and additional services, please inquire for a more specific price)

Postpartum Doula Services are perfect if you feel like you’re drowning postpartum. Let me help you thrive with your new baby! This package includes:

  • Three home support visits up to 2 hours long (which may include meal prep and light housework as well as infant care)
  • Lactation and infant feeding support
  • Help creating systems in your home that make your postpartum easier
  • Availability by phone during business hours with prompt reply

$750 flate rate +$30 per/hr for additional scheduled visits (up to 3)

$50 per hour for custom visit schedules

Perinatal Loss Support: I can provide judgement-free support for planned or unexpected perinatal loss, ranging from spontaneous abortion to planned terminations. I recommend you contact me personally to discuss what services you need. Your loss will require personalized services based on your situation, wants, and needs for support during this time. I am happy to schedule home visits, attend clinical visits, attend a birth or planned termination, or do postpartum and lactation support.

Priced on a sliding scale, please contact for details.

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