I offer a variety of classes mainly based around reproductive health. Keep an eye on the Highland Birth Support Facebook page for upcoming events!

If you’d like to schedule a private class or a public class near you I am happy to do so! Here are some of the topics I can teach on:


Introduction to Herbalism – we will go over some basic herbs that are easy available, one or two easy preparations, and ways that you can integrate herbalism into your life!

Herbal Medicine Making – this class typically covers two or more methods for herbal preparations in depth. It is a hands-on class from which you will leave with your own herbal remedies.

Foraging for Herbs – entirely dependent on your region and the season, this class is personalized for you!

Natural Childbirth – basic mechanics, stages of labor, and what you might experience in hospital or home settings. This class may also include techniques for natural pain relief, as well as hands-on practice for you and a birthing partner.

Female Reproductive Anatomy – we will go over the very basics of female anatomy in an accessible way. Great for teens or as an add-on to a childbirth ed or basic female health class.

Breast Anatomy and Health – we will go over basic anatomy and function, as well as easy herbs and health habits you can cultivate to optimize your breast health!

Vaginal Health – we will go over basic anatomy and function, as well as easy herbal remedies to common vaginal problems.

Maiden, Mother, and Crone – Our larger cycles and what to expect, this class is a crowd favorite! We cover not only anatomy and physiologic processes, but we talk about our mental and emotional development over time and how we can use this knowledge to become our best at any stage!

Menstrual Cycles – tracking, fertility, and what ‘normal’ looks like. This is a great class for teens or for the person who wants to get a handle on their cycles and fertility.

Common Menstrual Discomforts and Disorders – what they look like and what you can do about them, including herbal remedies.

If there’s something you don’t see here that you’d like to learn about, please use my contact page to inquire.

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