Photo Submission Form

Photo Submission Form: When you submit a photo to be considered as a reference for a painting or illustration, you must complete this form. I will inform you if I choose one of your photographs and you will receive a free print of the final piece. You will also be offered a chance to purchase the original before it goes on sale to the public at a reduced cost.

    Include my story with the work of art publicly!Nope, keep it private.

    By checking this box, you agree to the following: All photos submitted will be considered as a reference for a potential work of art. If your photo is used it will be altered and may have content added or removed as it becomes a transformed work. The final original work may be publicly exhibited, shared, and available for purchase (unless you opt to purchase it first). Prints of this work may be available for public purchase as long as the artist wishes. The work and all derivative works from it belong to me, the artist. I will own the full copyright and all that entails.

    By checking this box, you attest that all submitted photos are owned by you, the submitter, or that you have permission from the photographer for these to be used to create new works of art.

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